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Today’s WI Recall and “Yesterday’s” Civil Rights Movement

Last week, my son and his classmate interviewed Howard Fuller about his involvement in the Durham civil rights struggle.  On the way to the interview, they ran through their questions with me.  I was struck by their focus on the violence in the struggle.  And I suppose that’s not surprising: their attraction to history is driven, at least in part, by an interest in battles, formal and informal.  Despite our best efforts, fourteen year old boys are fascinated by blood and guts, guns and swords.

I wonder if they can see beyond the violence to the struggle and see that it extends to today? Can they see that voter intimidation still exists?  That there doesn’t need to be dogs, fire hoses, and literacy tests to dampen the participation of targeted voters?

I know I see it.  And Fuller sees it.  Here are his Twitter updates while in line this a.m. to vote:

Howard Fuller@HowardLFuller

Standing in a looooong line to vote at in Milw. Thx to the struggles that came before. No one ask me to recite the preamble to the Const

Howard Fuller@HowardLFuller

huge price was paid to enable Blk people to vote. efforts to limit that right must be resisted.But the first thing we have to do is GO vote

Howard Fuller@HowardLFuller

Glad to be in a long line because it means people in my neighborhood ain’t sleeping. They are VOTING!!

Today is John’s last exam, but the teaching and learning won’t stop just because school is over.  I expect we’ll have on-going discussions over the summer about the recall and the campaigning for the upcoming November election.  There’s still time to help him see that the struggle continues.