“I really need to check Facebook out. . . “

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Here’s your chance:  my co-hosts on Parents as Partners will be demonstrating Facebook tomorrow night (Monday, February 23 ) and you can join them (and me!) at 7 p.m. our time.

Here’s your opportunity to get onto Facebook (without signing up for an account!) and gain insights on how to become a digital parent and teacher.

Sponsored by Elluminate http://elluminate.com & Steve Hargadon at http://classroom20.com The Elluminate virtual classroom will allow participants to use audio, chat, video and desktop sharing to join in the presentation. (Steve came and trained USM teachers this fall on 21st Century learning tools).

Regular show hosts Lorna Costantini, Matt Montagne and Cindy Seibel, will welcome Nick O’Neill from http://www.allfacebook.com who will demonstrate 10 ways to protect your privacy on Facebook. Shonna Daly, a parent from St. Catharines, Ontario will talk about how she carried out a parent consultation using Facebook. Matt will share his experiences using Facebook and connecting with parents.

Please join us by direct link to the Elluminate classroom:

And please share this with your friends!

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6 responses to ““I really need to check Facebook out. . . “

  1. Hi, Cindy,

    This sounds like a great idea… I just had one thought… Do you think folks who are new to Facebook will likely know how to participate in The Elluminate virtual classroom by using tools such as audio, chat, video and desktop sharing? I’m not even sure I know how to join in the discussion. Hopefully, it will prompt those who are new to this genre of communication. I’m hoping for a few prompts myself.


  2. I will have absolutely no idea how to participate in this tonight, which is unfortunate because it is something I would like to become familiar with. Is there a presentation in person about face book?

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  4. Everyone–be sure to use the link at the bottom of the post to get to “our” Eluminate classroom!

  5. Sorry I got done with kids and their homework and tuck-in too late. Was there a recording to revisit this episode?

  6. I missed Monday night’s opportunity – and would like to view it after the fact also!

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