First of the lasts. . . .

Wednesday was Senior Night for the Wildcat football team and their last game of the season. As we were wrapping hot dogs for the evening’s fans, first-time senior mom Ann L. said of her oldest boys’ last football game, “This is the first of the lasts.”

The fall athletic season isn’t over for everyone, as the boys’ soccer team plays Thomas More in Sectionals at USM on Thursday, October 30. (Game time: 4 p.m. at USM).  Good luck to the soccer team on Thursday!

Seniors marked their First of the Lasts in a senior booklet put together by Laura W.  Here’s my favorite of the favorites to the Wildcat Varsity Football trivia:

Nickname: Oak, Sunshine

What is your favorite:

Hobby: Me time

Book: I can’t read

Quote: Actually, this is a G-rated blog, so all I can say is, “the one from the barber in Oconomowoc.”

Favorite USM memory: Bob S. fell to the ground after tearing his ACL in the Martin Luther game freshman year and could not walk off the field by himself.  Dave the trainer looks at his knee and says to Coach Forti, “His knee is gone, Coach.”  Coach Forti, still undeterred, looks at Bob straight in the eye and asks, “Bob, can you play?”

It’s a testament to the football program that nearly all of the boys cited the character-building side of football as the “most important thing learned playing football at USM.”

Dylan:  Never give up.

Eddie:  Hard work gets you wins.

Scott:  How to kick a football.

Alex:  Go all out and have fun.

Hozzie:  Play every game as if it’s your last.

Beau:  The will to win is most important.  Desire beats out talent any day of the week.

Sam:  Team First.

Andy:  The value of the combined team and of hard work.

John: If you give it your all, there’s not reason to walk off the field with your head down.

Michael: You don’t have to be the best player to be the best teammate.

Malcolm: The game is always decided in the fourth quarter.

Be sure to visit the USM Athletic news site for updates on all USM Athletic results.


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