The View from Willie’s Corner

Willie's Concessions, open during Varsity and JV Football, Varsity soccer games, and special events, allows USM Booster Club to raise money for athletic teams.

Can we take your order?

Friday night was the first home football game and, with Dominican as our opponent, it was like having two home crowds in the stands (in fact, Dominican felt so at home, they joined us on the Wildcat side).

The Wildcats pretty much squashed the Knights, but in the race to clean out Willie’s of all of its carefully stocked items, it was a tie.

Heard over the counter

MS boy with gaggle of girls, eyeing the collection of candy, “Okay, okay.  I’m buying.  Anything you want.  I’ve got it.”

MS girl:  “I have $9.  That’s 36 Airheads.  I’ll have 36 Airheads.”  (For the record, we had, exactly, 36 Airheads left)

US girl:  “You’re out of Airheads?”

Every other person buying Powerade:  “Red Powerade, please.”  (Umm–guess who didn’t know that “Fruit punch,” a.k.a.”red” would be so popular?  Live and learn.)

For future fall Willie’s dates, go here.  The grill will be sizzling at Varsity football games; other events will include the standard fare.


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