Save the environment one shopping bag at a time

Kudos to friend and USM parent Jenny A. for working with the Shorewood Conservation Committee! They will be delivering reusable shopping bags to 6,900 households in Shorewood on Saturday.  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Lee Bergquist identified it as a first for a Wisconsin community.

I finally developed the habit of taking my cloth shopping bag(s) into the store. I’ve got one from the Sendik’s on Downer and two from Roundy’s. I’m still re-using red plastic bags from the Balistreri Sendik’s in the hopes that I come to a point that they will be so tattered, I’ll feel okay throwing them away.

What finally got my scattered-mind remembering to grab the bags before walking in? Actually, I developed the habit in Phoenix at the Whole Foods. For two weeks, every grocery trip included a face-to-face encounter with a sign asking me if I remembered my reusable grocery bag. That did the trick.

Just in case you don’t think using one of these bags matters, according to the Shorewood Conservation Committee, if the 6,900 households in Shorewood used a reusable bag at least twice per week, they would keep about 720,000 bags out of the landfills each year.

Cool Conservation Committee Bags!


One response to “Save the environment one shopping bag at a time

  1. I am also using cloth bags. I only remember them about 50% of the time (ahh, the 40’s!)! When I forget, I just tell the bagger to load all of my items back into my cart without a bag and then I bag them when I get to my car. Sometimes I get a strange look, but I just smile and tell them I’ve left my bags in the back of my minivan! Have enjoyed your blog!

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