Impressive teacher travels: More USM community blogs

A detailed map of Switzerland.

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Madame Dupee (Lower School French teacher) is also blogging about her trip to France and Switzerland, where she will learn what French and Swiss children are like. I know when I talked to her about the trip in late spring, she wanted to explore her assumption that the French do a good job of communicating “French-ness” (my word) to their children and wanted to see first hand how they do that. This is from her first entry:

. . . my head is swimming with questions about what kids are like in France and Switzerland. What do they eat? What are their favorite books? What songs do their moms and dads sing to them at night? Who are their heroes, both past and present? What do they like to do at recess? So many things to investigate!

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2 responses to “Impressive teacher travels: More USM community blogs

  1. Cindy-
    This is a very cool site. I like how you were able to put a lot of the USM travel blogs all together. Thanks for your efforts in organizing this. I hope the summer is off to a good start for you and your family.

    All the best,

  2. Rishi Raghunathan

    I agree with Will. This is a pretty cool site. I’ll add you to my blog as it comes together. Have a great summer. rishi.

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