Heard in the hallways, #1

Today, the fifth graders saw “the movie.” You know–THAT movie.

I, coincidentally, was in the hallway when the kids came out of their respective classrooms and got to witness the reaction first hand.

The boys poured down the hall first. They carried small red plastic packages. Most of them were giggling.

“We got deodorant!” “I wonder what flavor it is? Cherry?!” Hee hee hee. Run, run. Push, push. Poke, poke.

The girls came next. Their packages were blue-ish and about twice the size. Not much in the way of giggling. Shocked. Awed. Annoyed?

“Carrying THIS around is a little embarrassing.”

My son walked by just as the girls were coming out the door. Giggle met girl.

“We got de-ODOR-ant. We got de-ODOR-ant.” He’s going to ask her what she got, I think. Must intervene immediately.

“C’mon–let’s get going. What’s your homework?” I say.

“Mom, you know what J. P. said?”

“Tell me in the car.”

On the way out, I overhear Fifth Grade Girl ask Fifth Grade Boy, “We learned about you. Did you learn about us?”



Stay tuned, parents–this is about to get even more interesting!


2 responses to “Heard in the hallways, #1

  1. All I can say is that your observations are simply classic, but also very age appropriate.

    Thanks for sharing- that post made me laugh.


  2. Hey, I smiled thinking about the kids. I hope they remember this time. Thanks for documenting this for us.

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