Spring in the Valley

Today I grabbed a few minutes in the morning sun to clean up the perennial garden in front of our house.  Garden clean up conflicts with hockey and football season (and last minute shopping for homecoming flowers!) so the oak and maple leaves still carpeted the garden.  I caught them on a perfect day–the leaves hung together with morning frost and so they came up like a blanket.   And, I learned, the trip to the back to pile up the leaves was easier because the sun had not yet melted the mud across most of our back yard.   Worth noting for next spring.

I love having a backyard.  After more than twenty years of city and old suburb living, it’s nice to have an actual yard.  Real estate agents selling homes in the city and inner-ring suburbs ought to develop an abbreviation for the most common descriptor of a back yard in those communities:  “It’s a nice size–for a house in (insert your favorite densely populated suburb here).”  Maybe NSFAHIWFB or NSFAHISHWD.  Just a thought.

We’d been in this neighborhood just two months when I called my husband at work and asked, “Did you know we have waterfront property?”  Turns out a creek (man-made?) runs east to west through the front third of our backyard.  So much for that Cinco de Mayo party I was planning.

But the dog and I can still march across it without leaving foot and paw prints deep in the mud in the early a.m.   I’ll need to mark that on my calendar:  avoid morning meetings in early April to allow for garden clean up.


One response to “Spring in the Valley

  1. What a lovely post — and I found it via Facebook! Social networking at its best. Looking forward to more.

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